Major GTA 6 Leaks: 80’s Soundtrack & Rumored Release Date by Rockstar

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GTA 6 will launch very soon but we do not know the exact date or month of GTA 6 but there are many rumors about the game relate to its Release date and soundtrack.

Major GTA 6 Leaks: Release Date and Sound Track

grand theft auto 6 release date

GTA 6 is one of the most awaited games right now and everyone wants to play it but there is not any official news from the developers about the release date of GTA 6 but there are some leaks about the game that we are going to talk about.

Whenever a popular franchise is going to release a game or making a sequel of the hit game and they do not want to reveal anything then some leaks and rumors are spreading about the game. GTA 6 is the most awaited game so this is only natural about spreading the rumors and leaks on this game.

On 29 March, the information was posted on message board 4chan. The information is spreading to all other social media. The informational message claims that GTA 6 has been in the works for a longer period than previous reports revealed. These claims come with no concrete evidence to back them up, so gamers should take them with a heavy dose of skepticism. This is how the latest GTA 6 information compares to previous reports about the most awaited game.

GTA 6 Release Date leaks

In the 4chan post, there is not any confirmed date for the release of GTA 6. But the post suggests that the company is planning to make an announcement the title potentially this year. But still, if Rockstar makes an announcement on GTA 6, this does not mean that it will be ready any time soon. The post revealed that work on GTA 6 began a few years ago and the company never stopped working on the game even when Red dead redemption 2 was released. The post said The game is still in the early stages of development and it takes time. The release of GTA 6 is not expected until 2015 at the earliest.

Should GTA 6 go back to the 80s or be set in modern times?

There are many rumors are spreading on daily basis about GTA 6. And this is not surprising because when developers do not want to give any information on Games then fans will spread some rumors about the game in all rumors some are real and some are fake.

There is one of the more persistent ones is about GTA 6 is that the next game will take place in Vice City. So most of the fans are thinking that the franchise is going back to the 80s. Many fans want that franchise needs to stay in modern times and some fans want the franchise to need to go back to the 80s.

If the franchise is already decided that and if the game is staying in the modern time then one of the significant risks is that game will be obsolete. But if the game is already set in the past and it is dated by the design then there is a chance not to become obsolete.


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