Guide to MyFaction: WWE 2K22 Locker Codes (Working August 2022)

Guide to MyFaction: WWE 2K22 Locker Codes (Working August 2022)

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WWE 2K22 Locker Codes: MyFaction, an entirely new mode that allows players to create their own factions, has been unveiled by 2K and Visual Concepts as part of a sneak preview of what to anticipate from WWE 2K22.

The “Hit List” teaser showed a peek of two factions, one of which was made up of Kevin Owens, Dolph Ziggler, Rey Mysterio, and Dominik Mysterio. This faction was the one that was revealed to be MyFaction.  That is undoubtedly special. These are the easy procedures needed to begin using locker codes to access high-level cards.  These cards will often have a myFACTION level of gold or emerald in WWE 2K22.

Guide to MyFaction: WWE 2K22 Locker Codes

Guide to MyFaction: WWE 2K22 Locker Codes (Working August 2022)
Guide to MyFaction: WWE 2K22 Locker Codes (Working August 2022)
Although there are currently just six locker codes accessible in WWE 2K22, additional ones will occasionally be made available throughout the year, so players should keep checking this page for updates.

More Info About MyFaction:

After assembling their team, players can “test their mettle in a variety of match types in Proving Grounds, pit their four-person factions against other fearsome foursomes in Faction Wars, topple a new Tower every week, or complete a variety of daily challenges” after which they can “topple a new Tower.”

Additionally, there are three separate currencies that may be acquired through play or purchased with real money. Each of these currencies can be used to buy various items like contracts, packs, and cards. You might be thinking at this point that this is starting to sound a lot like FIFA’s FUT or NBA 2K’s MyTeam concept. But 2K asserts the opposite there.

The blog article states, “As a crucial reminder, everything players can unlock with Virtual Currency can also be unlocked with MyFaction Points.” Furthermore, because MyFaction is a single-player only online experience, players are unable to obtain an advantage over other players by purchasing virtual currency. Therefore, even though you have the chance to purchase stronger cards, the competitive aspect won’t encourage you to spend more money

Contents of the first WWE 2K22 Signature Series:

MyFACTION packs in WWE 2K22 available in various packages, just like MyTEAM in NBA 2K22. Here are the various bundles available and their prices:

  • Basic Pack (9,740 MF or 5625 VC) – Contains 1 Guaranteed Signature Series 1 Superstar and 4 Random Items
  • Deluxe Pack (16,250 MF or 7,500 VC) – Contains 1 Guaranteed Signature Series 1 Superstar and 4 Random Items
  • Basic 10 Pack (97,400 MF or 56,250 VC) – Contains 1 Guaranteed Signature Series 1 Superstar and 4 Random Items
  • Deluxe 10 Pack (162,500 MF or 75,000 VC) – Contains 1 Guaranteed Signature Series 1 Superstar and 4 Random Items
  • Deluxe 20 Pack (325,000 MF or 150,000 VC) – Contains 1 Guaranteed Signature Series 1 Superstar and 4 Random Items, Plus One Sapphire Ted DiBiase Manager Box Topper

You can discover several WWE 2K22 locker codes below, along with instructions on how to use them to earn more for your MyFaction team:

Visual Concepts has just released a new mode called MyFaction.
It’s a card-collecting game that resembles NBA 2K22 MyTeam in several ways.

To get the most out of the mode, you don’t need to invest real money, and you can instantly obtain some extra cards by redeeming keys.

  • NOFLYZONE — Entering this locker code in WWE 2K22 activates the emerald card 65 Drew Gulak Emerald for the player.
  • YOUCOMPLETEDGM — Entering this locker code in WWE 2K22 activates the Triple H Emerald Managers card for the player.
  • WWESUPERCARDS8 — Entering this locker code in WWE 2K22 will redeem Emerald Drew McIntyre, Emerald Sasha Banks and Gold Randy Orton cards for the player. The code from the locker in WWE 2K22 activates the Signature Series set.
  • MONEYINTHEBANK – Entering this code from the locker in WWE 2K22 activates the Steel Titans 1 package.

These codes can be entered into WWE 2K22 by players in a matter of seconds. These locker codes should be used as follows

Step 1: Open WWE 2K22’s myFACTION game mode.
Step 2: Select “Activate Locker codes” from the list.
Step 3: Type in one of the codes shown above.
Step 4: Verify that the code is entered just as it was in the previous step.
(capital characters only; no spaces)
Step 5: If the card was properly inserted, it will show up in the player’s faction.
If there are additional locker codes available, repeat these steps.

2K22 How To Begin With:

You will therefore have three beginning packs to choose from when you first sign up: Raw, SmackDown, and NXT. An AJ Styles superstar card, a Becky Lynch superstar card, a Stephanie McMahon manager card, Raw Cosmetics, Sideplates, and Contracts are all included in the Raw set. A Rey Mysterio superstar card, a Bayley superstar card, a Paul Heyman manager card, Smackdown Cosmetics, Sideplates, and Contracts are all included in the SmackDown set.

The Tommaso Ciampa superstar card, the Raquel Gonzalez superstar card, the William Regal manager card, the NXT Cosmetics, Sideplates, and Contracts are all included in the NXT set. This decision is entirely up to you and is based on the player you choose to utilise in the game. We selected Raw. After that, you’ll be directed to a screen where you can add a few additional superstars to your faction, including AJ Styles and one other Gold superstar, two Silver superstars, and one Bronze superstar. A Gold Kofi Kingston, Silver Titus O’Neil and Xavier Woods, and a Bronze Elias were awarded to us.

Then you’ll be transported to the female side, where we have a Gold Nia Jax, Silver Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce, a Bronze Mandy Rose, and the Gold Becky Lynch from the starter pack. You’ll be prompted to name your faction once you have your superstars and the cosmetics, so have fun with it! After that, you must decide on your lineup for both the men’s and women’s divisions. Due to the fact that each division will only contain five superstars, this is obviously quite self-explanatory. Choose the finest.

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Tips And Tricks:

Once you’re in the mode, keep these suggestions in mind: When it comes to choosing the greatest Superstars for their factions and using the proper boosts to defeat the opposition, players must make crucial decisions; Need some serious muscle? Your favourite Powerhouse, such as Big E or Rhea Ripley, should be drafted into battle. A Striker like Shinsuke Nakamura might be the way to go if you need speed and lethal martial arts; Numerous combinations are possible thanks to the roster’s abundance of Superstars and Legends and the variety of specialty Side Plates; experimentation is encouraged.

Three different forms of currencies will be offered in MyFACTION, according to information provided by 2K:

For finishing matches and challenges, MyFACTION Tokens, which can be used in the Token Rewards market to unlock potent WWE Superstar and Legend cards, MyFACTION Points, which can be exchanged for card packs and contracts, and Virtual Currency, which is available for purchase and can only be used in MyFACTION on card packs, boxes, and contracts.

My Faction In 2K22:

My Faction When it comes to cash-driven strategies Ultimate Team is a feature in WWE 2K22. I never really enjoyed playing these kinds of modes, so I’ll admit that I didn’t spend much time here. You get to choose a squad of wrestlers to make up your faction by opening decks of cards. You can utilise your superstars to complete daily tasks to gain points that will let you unlock new cards or upgrade the ones you already have. You also have access to a manager card, which, depending on how well it interacts with your superstars, can offer various advantages.

With this mode, microtransactions are included to make things simpler and purchase packs. The celebrities you have access to right away are not the best, so if you want to advance quickly, you will need to work tirelessly or invest that money. There aren’t many packs available right now. Bundles of the currency are available in price ranges from $1.99 to $99.99. Although you get packs with the NWO 4-Life version as part of the purchase, this mode ultimately serves a collector-obsessed attitude that feels predatory. Additionally, there aren’t enough packs for even this small amount to feel satisfying.

GamePlay Review:

Final conclusions and ideas (2K22 review) Speaking of the positive aspects of the WWE 2K22 review, all I can say is that the game was a godsend to the franchise, promising a comeback and many other things that WWE fans have been looking forward to for years. In contrast to its predecessors, the new modes—MyFACTION, MyGM, and MyRISE—tapped into the series’ creative potential and gave us a wonderful experience.

Even though there are still many unknown areas in the MyFACTION mode, its introduction is nevertheless a positive development for the franchise. The gameplay, albeit occasionally dated, provided me plenty to play around with and raise my level of experience. Speaking of the game’s weak points, I don’t think the MyFACTION mode and the entire Ultimate Team it offers are perfect, but I do hope the creators make an effort to improve and expand the mode’s capabilities.

The soundtrack felt a little out of place, while being a clear improvement over the predecessors. The addition of Machine Gun Kelly to the game helped lend a little liveliness to the audio portion, but not enough. The dialogues and scripts, as well as the MyGM mode, need improvement. At times, it becomes just too strange and amusing.

Ending Note On WWE 2K22 Locker Codes

You now have it. MyFACTION may be exactly what you’re looking for if you’re anticipating something different with this latest instalment of the WWE 2K franchise.

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