Ultimate Guide: How to Build a Lego Car?

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If you want to make a lego car but do know how then read this ultimate guide on gamingharsh about how to build a lego car?

Build Lego Car

How to build a lego car

I am sure you know about LEGO cars. If you did not play this in your childhood am sure you must hear about their name or show them on Tv Shows or in advertising. Who knows about these cars, they already know how awesome and cool they were.

We all want to play with them in our childhood but we can not because they were expensive and at that time there were not many cars in options. But today you can play with them and you do not need to pay for it.

Today am going to teach you how you can build a lego car at home in some easy steps. There are many ways to build a lego car but am going to tell you some easiest ways to make a lego car so you can make them easily without any problem.

Required materials to build a Lego car at home

4 – Wheels
4 – Tires
1 – Grey 4 x 10 flat thin board
2 – Red 1 x 2
2 – Red 1 x 3
2 – Red 1 x 4
1 – Red 2 x 2
2 – Red 2 x 2 wedge
2 – Blue 1 x 3
1 – Yellow 2 x 4 thin
1 – Clear 2 x 2 wedge
1 – Windshield
2 – Windows
2 – Black 1 x 4 axles
1 – White/Black Steering wheel
1 – Lego person

How to Build a Lego Car?

It’s easy to build a lego car at home if you have the right instructions and materials. I told you above all the requirements you need and now am going to tell you all the steps you need to build a lego car at home

Step 1: Use 4 wheels and 4 Tyres and put the wheels in each tire!
Step 2: Use 2 axles and put one wheel on each axle.
Step 3: Use  1- Grey 4 x 10 thin Pieces and place the axles on the ends of the grey piece.
Step 4: Now use Red 1 x 4, 2 – Red 1 x 2, Red 2 x 2 wedge and attach them to the above grey piece.
Step 5: Use 2 windows and 2 windshields and place the windshield above the wedge and windows on each side.
Step 6: Use 1 Steering Wheel and insert it below the windshield.
Step 7: Now use 2 – Red 1 x 3 and 2 – Blue 1 x 3, attach them to make two pieces.
Step 8: Now assemble and place the pieces you made previously and put them on behind each of the windows.

Step 9: Use 1 – Clear 1 x 2, 1 – Clear 2 x 2 Wedge and 1 – Red 2 x 2 and assemble them as you did in step 7
Step 10: Now put all pieces you just made on the rear of the car and with the wedge section facing inward.
Step 11: Use 1 – thin yellow 2 x 4, and place the yellow on the front of the car.
Step 12: Now use 1 – Lego Person and Place the driver in the driver’s seat.
Step 13: All done, your lego car is ready and you can play with them.

Final Words

So this is one of the easiest and cheap ways to make a lego car at home if you also want a lego car but you can not purchase it because of some reasons then I suggest you make a car yourself. If you do not know How then read this Ultimate Guide on how to Build a lego car.
Stay tuned for more awesome cars.
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