Ultimate Guide: How to Slide in Madden 21 on Xbox and PlayStation?

how to slide in madden 21

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This article is verified by team GamingHarsh | Sept, 2022If you also play Madden 21 and want to know how to slide in Madden then read this guide about How to Slide in Madden 21 on Xbox and PlayStation?

Madden 21

Madden NFL 21 is an American Football Video Game based on the National Football League, developed by EA Tiburon and published by Electronic Arts. It is an installment of the long-running Madden NFL series. It was released in August 2020 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox one and for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5 in December 2020.This game was also featured in Baltimore Ravens Quarterback Lamar Jackson as the cover athlete, and Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis as its in-game commentators. Madden NFL 21 received mixed reviews from critics, some praised this game for its gameplay and on the other side, some criticized this game because of technical issues, while player reception was negative with many heavily criticizing the lack of innovation.

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How to Slide in Madden 21?

After releasing this game most of the players played this game daily. And one of the most asked questions related to this game is how to slide in madden 21. The makers have introduced some never seen before additions to the game Which has been creating much anticipation amongst the players.Sliding as a Quarterback in Madden 21 is easy if you do some things in advance. Sliding in Madden 21 is important and can help you to turn the game in your favor. By sliding in Madden 21 you can gain yards without the risk of fumbling the ball.

How to Slide in Madden 21 (on Xbox)

If you want to slide in madden 21 on Xbox, hold down LT and RT and then tap the X button. You must be holding LT and RT When you tap X. You need to make sure that you Lightly press the X button, as holding down X will result in a forward dive. Dives can lead to fumbles, even without contact.

How to Slide in Madden 21 (on PS4 and PS5)

To slide in madden 21 on a PlayStation device, hold L2 and R2, then tap the square button. when tapping the square button, You have to Hold L2 and R2. Just like you did on Xbox, holding down the dive button will create a forward dive animation. Forward dives should really only be used in desperate situations are fumbles are caused by this animation at an unrealistic level.

Final Words

If you are playing the Madden NFL 21 game then I am sure you also want to slide in madden 21 and if yes, then make sure to follow the steps that are given above. We tell you steps about how to slide in Madden 21 on Xbox and Playstation.
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