PUBG Mobile Crossed 1 Billion+ Downloads: Biggest Battle Royale Game EVER!

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Ok, we don’t know when PUBG Mobile is returning to India, or if in the least (we really wish we did), but there’s some news these battle royale fans are often pleased with. PUBG Mobile has crossed more than 1 Billion downloads as per Tencent’s officials’ say.

pubg mobile crossed 1 billion downloads

This one billion figure doesn’t include China, and yet is sizable enough to point out its significant presence globally.

Released in 2018, PUBG Mobile has been considered to be one of the foremost popular games within the world. In 2019 it also managed to become the highest-grossing mobile game globally.

Besides this one billion milestone announcement, Tencent also announced a partnership with Godzilla vs. Kong. PUBG Mobile players will soon be ready to participate in an in-game event created on the theme of the upcoming movie. The in-game event includes a game mode alongside theme content.

The classic Karakin map also will be open for mobile players to overcome again on April 7. And there’s also PUBG: New State to seem forward to. This new game is predicted to launch on both Android and iOS later this year.

PUBG Mobile and what’s happening in India

PUBG Mobile has been during a rut in India since September last year when it had been banned by the Indian government over security concerns of not hosting its data locally.

Since then the corporate has removed Tencent as its publisher, bringing on Krafton and also typing up with Microsoft Azure to host the sport on the cloud in India. They also instated PUBG Mobile India which version of the sport was announced in Diwali last year.

Neither the Indian version of the sport nor the PUBG Mobile original version has been ready to launch or relaunch within the country since the Indian government is yet to offer it a go-ahead.

Very recently though, Krafton posted an employment announcement on LinkedIn for an investment strategy analyst within the country that got PUBG Mobile fans all excited.

Given that Krafton is hiring people here, it’s possible that there’s still some hope for the battle royale to form a come-back here in some form or the opposite.

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