Rainbow Six Quarantine officially renamed Extraction

rainbow six quarantine renamed extraction

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Rainbow Six Quarantine officially renamed Extraction

Rainbow Six Quarantine officially renamed Extraction

Rainbow Six Quarantine has been officially renamed Extraction. Ubisoft is coming with a new video game and its title was Rainbow Six Quarantine but recently they changed the title of the game to Extraction.

Rainbox six Quarantine was a good name in 2019 until a really pandemic comes and an actual pandemic gripped the globe. After that, the whole thing seemed less cool and a talk on the new title starts much time but yesterday company changed the game title to extraction. Full details will be officially released by developers this Saturday.

Peter Methe who is the creative director of the game told about this game that players will be facing an alien threat who always evolved over time. Players have plenty of different challenges they need to solve in the game and you only have a goal and that is to make sure no member of your team gets left behind. You and your members need to decide every movement you guys take and it’s up to you to decide that decision is wrong or right. After playing this game you will soon discover why we change the name of game to extraction.

Full details on Rainbox Six extraction will reveal on Saturday at 12 PM on June 12. The official handles of Rainbow six extraction already changed their name quarantine to extraction.

Some leaks on Rainbox six extraction are already revealed in March and April. So we already have a good idea of what we can expect from the Extraction game. Leaks revealed that while gathering intel on an alien menace known as archaeans, rainbow six operators will progress through a left 4 dead like series of Submissions and broken by airlocks.

The game will become tougher after clearing every mission and area. With difficulty, awards also become big and helpful in the game. Some major information is not revealed till now and we also do not have any information related to that. Maybe this is what Ubisoft wants to reveal at their event.

In the Rainbow Six Extraction game, you can join forces with your friends and face an alien threat. The main Mission is not to abandon any team member but sometimes you need to make a hard decision with your team member.


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