Super Mario 3D Land Download for YUZU Nintendo Emulator

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Super Mario 3D Land is a platform game developed by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS. It is the first Mario game to feature stereoscopic 3D graphics and the first original 3D Mario game since Super Mario Galaxy 2. The game combines elements from both 2D and 3D Mario games, such as Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario 64, and introduces new features such as the Tanooki Suit, which allows Mario to glide in the air and attack with his tail.

If you want to play Super Mario 3D Land on your PC, you can use YUZU, an experimental Nintendo Switch emulator that can run many Switch games with high performance and compatibility. YUZU is an open-source project that is constantly being improved by a team of developers and contributors.

How to Download and Install Super Mario 3D Land for YUZU

To play Super Mario 3D Land on YUZU, you will need two things: the game ROM and the prod.keys file. The game ROM is a digital copy of the game that you can obtain from your own Nintendo Switch console or from other sources. The prod.keys file is a file that contains encryption keys that are needed to decrypt and run the game on YUZU.

Disclaimer: We do not condone piracy or illegal downloading of games. You should only download games that you own legally. We are not responsible for any consequences that may arise from following this guide.

Step 1: Download the Game ROM

You can download the game ROM from various websites that offer Switch games, such as Gaming Harsh. Make sure to download the correct region and version of the game that matches your prod.keys file. The file format should be either .xci or .nsp.

Step 2: Download the prod.keys File

You can obtain the prod.keys file from your own Nintendo Switch console by following this guide: Download PROD Guide For Nintendo

Step 3: Install YUZU and Configure It

After downloading YUZU from its official website, extract it to a folder of your choice and run yuzu.exe. You will need to configure some settings before you can play the game.

  • Go to File > Open yuzu folder and create a new folder called keys inside it. Copy and paste the prod.keys file into this folder.
  • Go to Emulation > Configure > System and select your region, language and time zone.
  • Go to Emulation > Configure > Graphics and select OpenGL as the API. You can also enable or disable other graphics options according to your preference and system specifications.
  • Go to Emulation > Configure > Controls and set up your input device. You can use a keyboard, a mouse, a controller or a combination of them.
  • Go to Emulation > Configure > Audio and select cubeb as the audio backend. You can also adjust the volume slider as you wish.

Download Link For Super Mario 3D

Step 4: Load the Game ROM and Play

To load the game ROM, go to File > Load File and select the .xci or .nsp file that you downloaded in step 1. The game should start loading and run on YUZU.

Enjoy playing Super Mario 3D Land on your PC!

How to Optimize Super Mario 3D Land for YUZU

If you want to improve the performance and graphics quality of Super Mario 3D Land on YUZU, you can use some mods and tweaks that are available for this game.


Super Mario 3D Land is a fun and colorful platform game that you can play on your PC using YUZU, an experimental Nintendo Switch emulator. By following this guide, you can download and install the game for YUZU and optimize it for your system using mods and tweaks. We hope you enjoy playing Super Mario 3D Land on your PC!

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